Does riding indoors make me a stronger rider outdoors?:
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Without doubt the answer is YES and more so than you would think

The high intensity quality workout you achieve from riding an indoor cycle like the LifeCycle GX we use at Quest Cycle will definitely translate into more strength when you ride on the road outside. Our indoor bikes have a ‘Fixed Crank’ which means no coasting when riding. Combine this with a heavy flywheel and you have a strength building platform that will make you stronger when you actually get to ride outside. Typically a rider who does two to three indoor classes per week will notice significant gains in cardiovascular fitness and leg strength after a four to six week period.

Indoor riders have in the past reported seeing their average Miles Per Hour (avg MPH) on the road increase by close to 2 mph when they start riding outside (This is when they compare their avg MPH to spring riding after not having ridden indoors).  Part of the reason this occurs, is it is much easier to simulate longer hills when riding indoors, there is less coasting than when you ride outdoors and there is a  greater focus on  smooth technique and greater intensity.

So if you haven’t been hitting the indoor trainer or the rollers in your basement, then come on down to Quest Cycle today, there is still time to add some significant strength to your riding, before the outdoor season gets started.